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Anonymous asked: I wish I could be skinny like you :(


One day I won’t be this skinny. Will that make me less beautiful? How heartbreaking if my or your beauty is confined to a word like skinny, curvy, hot, sexy. Bodies change and vary and are unique. I won’t always look the way I look…and because of that, I can’t ever base my worth of my physical appearance…and neither can you.

Recognize the beauty of your spirit instead. Your physical body will change, it will shrivel up, it will wrinkle, it will die. Mine will too. Physical beauty will mean nothing then. What will matter is the way you giggle, the twinkle in your eye when you understand contentment, the warmth others feel when they speak with you, and the love you radiate when you walk in a room. Cultivate those things. I promise there are millions of things about you that are beautiful…don’t ever trade them in for a physical attribute. Your spirit is lovely and smart and passionate and daring, sweet friend. Don’t forget it.


Fa$hion Killa: Rihanna 😍


I’m very strong, I could fight off maybe 20 snails, 21 on a good day

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Do bananas float?


Yes. Yes they do.

thank you

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