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"Do not compare yourself to others."


Oh my god, my sister just showed me this song, and it’s just so body positive. There’s perhaps a little bit of ‘skinny shaming’ but only in terms of not listening to people telling you that you need to be thin.

This is literally nothing like the music I normally listen to, but it’s a huge confidence boost <3


if u ever feel bad about ur looks then just remember this is Philip the Handsome

if philip can be described as handsome by a whole continent then u can be attractive too


"When I was a young woman I had no self-confidence, but I just can’t be bothered to worry about what people think. Life is too short. For no money in the world would I want to be young again." Helena has no interest in conforming to the Hollywood ideal of super-slim actresses. Instead, she’s happy to embrace her looks. “I like to eat, that’s why I have curves, and it’s also benefited my face,” she said. “I think it’s sad that our lives are dictated by someone saying: ‘You can’t eat this or that if you want your body to conform to someone’s ideal.’ It means food becomes associated with guilt, but really it should be a source of pleasure.”

This is why we need and have Helena as a role model. Helena teaches us to be ourselves and embrace how we look without being ashamed. There’s no need for us to be ashamed, nobody should be ashamed. Society may tell us different, but Helena tells us right.
And this is why Helena inspires me.

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